5 Easy Changes for More Closet Storage

Closet cabinets and storage solutions seem to be popping up everywhere. But installing them in your closet and having them work to alleviate some clutter and keep your clothing and accessories organized is another issue altogether. There are some easy changes you can make to add more closet storage and keep your wardrobe perfectly pressed.

double hang closet cabinet for pantry1) The double hanging cabinet

It can be hard to imagine going from one hanging bar to a double hanging cabinet can make that much difference in your closet. If you have a single hanging bar along the top of your closet, you have an enormous amount of floor space below. That space often gets cluttered with shoe boxes or plastic containers you are trying to use for organization. Picture a double hanging cabinet with your pressed dress shirts on the top and your casual shirts or pants and skirts hanging on the bottom. Your wardrobe now nicely uses the vertical space with room for a cabinet next to it.

With your hanging items out of the way, you can mix and match other cabinets and different sizes to even allow for hanging space for full-length dresses or coats.

2) Closet cabinet with doors

The closet cabinet with doors gives you a secure and a little more private storage area for items you’d instead have put away. With full-sized shelves, you can fit your jewelry, shoes, smaller accessories like a scarf or belt, and other items that can get lost easily if left in the open. This is also a good option for smaller storage boxes or containers to be put away and not have to be seen at all times.

tall closet cabinet for pantryYour closet may have a full assembly of folded items like sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts or jeans, and other heavier clothing. If you prefer not to hang these pieces of clothing, you could choose the closet cabinet with doors with a drawer or section of pull-out shelving on the bottom.

3) Drawers or pull-out shelves

The drawers or pull-out shelves can serve multiple purposes, easily store scarves, belts, or other flat items on the pullout for quick access. The drawers can replace a dresser, and you wouldn’t need additional furniture in the bedroom. Drawers and shelves also keep items tucked away and not coming unfolded or loose sitting on an open shelf.

Again by utilizing the floor space with a two-tiered closet cabinet, you take advantage of the vertical space but, unfortunately, eliminate a favored storage area for shoes.

4) Shoe organizers

cabinetexpress-closet-shoesThe shoe organizers are another option that can be added to the lower shelves of the closet cabinet with doors. This shoe organizer is a perfect way to keep your shoes paired up, clean, and ready to use when needed. With the option of three or four shelves, depending on your shelving needs, you can have all of your shoes stored neatly inside your closet.

If you have more storage than a folded wardrobe and shoes, you may want to consider adding a closet cabinet of permanent shelves. You can give yourself the full vertical space of shelving that is almost double what you’d have with one upper shelf above a hanging bar.

5) Full shelving units

The full shelving units come with six shelves, with the bottom being used as a seventh. This can provide ample storage for baskets, bins, folded clothing, shoes, hats, and small accessories. Depending on your closet’s width, you can mix and match closet storage solutions to give yourself a wider shelving unit if you so choose.

These closet organizers can be tailored for your closet. They come in widths of 18, 24, or 30-inches and can be mixed and matched to meet your organizational needs. Visit with our cabinet designers today to configure a layout that works perfectly for you.