5 Frequently Asked Questions About Cabinet Express Design and Installation

We get asked a lot of questions, and rightfully so, you want to work with the best design professionals. They will walk you through the whole process, from measuring to designing the layout, choosing cabinets to the installation. And you want it to be as hassle-free and easy as possible. We understand that is why we put together all of the frequently asked questions we receive about the design and installation of our cabinets. 

What should I bring to my design center appointment?cabinet-express-cabinetcorp-kitchen101_Scratch-sheet

For your design appointment, you should bring measurements of your kitchen, any visuals or ideas you would like to be considered in the design. You can download our measure guide to assist you in capturing all the necessary data. Before your cabinet purchase, we will perform a measure to confirm all dimensions and kitchen conditions. 


Do you offer custom cabinets or modifications?

In many of our assembled cabinet lines, we can make some custom modifications to existing stock cabinets. These modifications include increased cabinet depth, decreased cabinet depth, and single wall oven cabinet to double wall oven cabinet conversions. To find out more information about these custom modifications, please contact our customer service department.


How much are the design fees?

Our professional design services are offered free of charge and an essential step in the process of helping you create a kitchen you will love and enjoy. 


cabinet-express-updates-shippingWill I Receive Status Updates?

Yes, you will receive email updates regarding your order status at the following stages:

  • Processed- This status confirms that your order and payment have been received and verified.
  • Shipped- This status notifies you that your order has shipped. 
  • Received – This status tells you that the installation team is ready to schedule your installation.


How Much Does it Cost to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

Estimating cabinet installation costs is easier when you know which factors to consider. The number of Cabinets, removal, and disposal of old cabinets, the size of the kitchen, trim, and molding and geographical location all have an impact on the installation costs. The Design Center will be able to provide a more accurate installation estimate with your specific quote.


To reserve your appointment online or in-person with our Kitchen Designer visit. https://cabinetexpress.us/reserve-your-appointment-with-a-kitchen-designer/