Are Modern Kitchen Cabinets Right For Your Kitchen?

The term modern in home, kitchen, and bathroom design has been thrown around a lot and is often used interchangeably with contemporary design. While the looks may end up similar in many cases, they are not the same. Contemporary design is the style of the present day and is always changing. Modern design is based on a specific period in the early 20th century, where a mix of German and Scandinavian design started to become popular. Mid-century modern design gained traction between the 1940s and 1960s with the increasing ability for furniture to be built by machines.

Fast forward to today’s modern design, and you’ll find clean, straight lines, uncluttered spaces, and an overall lack of fussiness. This has translated into the kitchen with the use of European designed frameless kitchen cabinets.

What are frameless kitchen cabinets?TWP-Frameless

Frameless kitchen cabinets have a seamless and sleek appearance perfect a modern style kitchen. They come in five primary colors varying from sand to coral, white to grey, and black. These color options fit nicely with a transitional, contemporary, or minimalist style and modern decor.

The modern frameless, RTA cabinets have flat door fronts that directly connect to the cabinet box. They are quiet with concealed soft-close hinges, and Blum Legra soft-close drawer glides.

Framed vs. frameless cabinets in modern design

You have a little more space and access to all items inside a frameless cabinet. A framed cabinet does lose some space due to framing. To maintain the durability of frameless cabinets, thicker plywood is used in the construction. The thicker plywood provides stability and strength.

Framed cabinets in the Shaker-style have one smooth, clean line on its door and drawer front that can incorporate into a modern design. But they are not completely flat and smooth like frameless kitchen cabinets.

Modern frameless kitchen cabinets use an overlay on the door and the entire exterior and interior surface. Making them easy to resurface or replace for a new look. With no extra knobs and handles to update, your kitchen will cost less than with framed cabinets.

Frameless kitchen cabinets can be installed in 20-30 minutes. Installation can be tricky, and it is recommended that you hire a professional kitchen contractor to install your frameless cabinets. A kitchen contractor will ensure the cabinets stay square and function properly.

Frameless cabinets or a framed Shaker-style cabinet with the clean lines and sleek look will fit in any kitchen, laundry, or office setting. With the modern design, you’ll want the same sleek look throughout the house, and frameless or Shaker-style cabinets can help you achieve that.

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