Plan Your 10 x 10 Kitchen Renovation 

When considering renovating your kitchen, price is a significant factor in deciding which cabinets you’ll use in your plans. As you start to investigate pricing, you’ll find store flyers advertising 10×10 or 12×12 kitchen layouts. No, this doesn’t mean you need to have a square kitchen to buy those cabinets. This is the example of how kitchen cabinet runs are measured, in this example, 10 linear feet by 10 linear feet. 


What Is A Linear Foot In Measurement?cabinet-express-linear-foot

linear foot, also called a lineal foot, means 12 inches or one foot in length. All straight line measurements are referred to as a linear foot in the kitchen cabinet industry.  

You don’t need to have a square kitchen to estimate your layout our your cost based on a 10×10 foot cabinet package. The 10×10 foot standard serves as a handy tool when considering kitchen cabinet costs from different remodeling contractors and cabinet manufacturers. Usually, a space with 100 square feet is big enough for all major appliances and services. However, due to the floor space being a relatively small area, it doesn’t factor into the estimate.


What is a 10-Foot Run Kitchen?

10foot run is a one-wall shaped kitchen that is 10 linear foot long used as the industry standard. The price varies based on your design requests but gives you a general idea of how to approximate costs for a basic kitchen and how many cabinets you might need.


cabinet-express-one-wallHow do I know if I have a one-walled kitchen or the standard 10×10? 

The one-wall kitchen means all of the cabinetry and appliances are along the same wall. You will not have a separate cabinet leg in one-wall kitchen design. 



What Is A 10×10 Kitchen Layout?cabinet-express-L-Shaped-Kitchen-Melinda-Hartwright-1

10×10 kitchen layout is used as the industry standard. It is often referred to as an “L” shaped kitchen that is 10 linear feet long by 10 linear feet wide. The cabinet prices vary based on the design request but give you an idea of how many cabinets you might need. From this, you can also estimate the costs for cabinetry for a basic kitchen layout.

The first step of a successful kitchen design is to determine if you have a 10×10, 12×12, or another kitchen layout all together. From there, you can start estimating costs based on a 10×10 design to give you a rough idea of what new cabinetry will be.